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Tuesday classes are at The Spark – 4847 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80301
At 6:30pm an advanced class is taught, followed at 7:30pm by an intermediate class. There is no social dancing at this location.

Cost is $10 for the entire evening.


Thursday classes are at The Avalon – 6185 Arapahoe, Boulder, Colorado 80303
There are up to four levels taught: beginners, advanced-beginners, intermediate, advanced.

The rueda classes start at 6:30pm and last an hour.  There are partner salsa classes at 7:30pm (often also bachata, west coast swing and tango elsewhere in the building) and social dancing from 8:30pm till 11-ish.  We often dance a few circles during the social.  Listen for una bulla!

Cost is $15 for the whole evening.


The best contact place is our Facebook page (membership required). You can also find social events and more there.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly.

Or email Hubert with any questions you might have:

hubert dot smits at gmail dot com