Starter Info

Below is a list of moves that are the most important to know when jumping into the social circle. The intermediate lessons in the Avalon work through this list. Don’t worry! If you don’t know a move, don’t panic, just keep dancing and keep an eye out if it’s a passing move. Also, some calls (bing bong, for instance) are quick and not complicated, they often aren’t taught in class, you learn by watching.

A note on rueda social circle etiquette: Please remember to come in as a couple when joining the circle, and be aware of your ability and the possible level of the circle. If the caller waives you off (rare), respect that, and know that they probably selected that particular group to try something specific. See if you can go start your own circle if that happens.

List of Useful Moves

p’al medio – how the social ruedas generally start, in closed position with leads facing counter-clock-wise
exhibela dos y una
guapea (basic) – not called, just do it when nothing else is happening
adios (la prima)
adios con la hermana
dile que no – this is rarely actually called, it is just part of many moves.
enchufla doble
un fly (on the fly)
bing bong
dame directo
dame dos
setenta complicada
siete doble
siete con coca-cola

Useful links:

Here is a great video Roman posted on the facebook page of Boulder Rueda that is annotated with the calls as they happen.

Here is a good link (also the una bulla link!) that gives an idea of what to expect from a circle called by Nate … shows many of the moves listed above.

Here is a useful video from Tokyo, most of the moves are ones that we do, and are done the way we do them, and the caller demos the hand signs beforehand.

Here is another annotated dance. It is useful to see the calls written out. They do many of the same things that we do here in Boulder.