Rueda on the Web

All kinds of things to do with Rueda related music, some more salsa or plain latin, and still loosely (sometimes lousily) related to Salsa de Rueda.

Dancepapi – Nick and Serena’s tutorial videos, very useful.

Cuban Music Project | Roberto Borrell – The mission of this work: “The Cuban Music Project is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Cuban music and dance. Upholding the Cuban tradition of oral history, we aspire to document the rich cultural heritage of living Cuban artists and share their invaluable knowledge with generations to come.”

History of Salsa Music & Dance – SalsaGente – The name says it all, nice overview.

Latin Pulse Music – Good source of lots of Latin things: books (like the Beyond Salsa for Beginners series), music (good ol’ cd’s), video’s and sheet music.

Media — Rueda Con Ritmo   – Ryan & Sidney are not only the folks behind the Cuba travel, or the dance school in San Francisco, their website holds a nice little section on “Percussive Patterns of Salsa and Timba” which is a reader friendly version of Ryan’s thesis.

Rueda de Casino – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – In case you’re looking for the definition. Has also good links for further reading/research.

Salsaddiction Rueda de Casino Wiki – Lots of moves and a great collection of video’s of those moves.

Son y Casino – A blog for reflection on son music and the dance of casino.  Amazing background material on son & casino.

The Norwegian Rueda Standard – Norway (the well known province of Cuba) has recorded a significant number of moves and patterns. They also have their own YouTube Channel.

Timba | Cuban Music Home – More background on Cuban music.

Brian C. Bonner has a good collection of Salsa and Salsa de Rueda moves.

Rueda Standard Tutorials of moves.

SalsAtlanta has a ton of good moves.

caeruloplasmin’s page has 120 popular Rueda moves on it.