For a more introductory list, plus some links to great resources, check out our Starter Info page.

In the table below are some good resources for videos and explanations of moves that are very similar to ours. Remember, calls and moves vary from location to location, some of these videos won’t be exactly what we do in Boulder, but they should be close enough to get you going. Sometimes you will see moves with the same name look completely different from what you know, often you just have to watch the caller (even wait to jump in for a song or two) to find out what they mean.

This list is sortable by name, difficulty, and how often Nate calls the move (5 is nearly always, 1 is basically never, 0 is never that anyone remembers).


NameVideo linkEasy to Hard
(1 - 10)
Passing move?Call FrequencyCategoriesNotes on video vs BR moves
Un fly (on the fly)Video1no5Quick n easy
Suelo hit (doble)1no5Quick n easy
Bing bong (triple, suave, abajo, arriba)1no5Quick n easy
Quedate1no5Quick n easy
Una bulla, dos bulla, una bulla largaVideo1no5P'al medio quick n easy
EchevarriaVideo1no4Quick n easy
Doble play1no4Quick n easy
Flaco1no4P'al medioCalled from al medio
Gordo1no4P'al medio
El piso esta caliente1no3Quick n easy
El piso esta frio1no3Quick n easy
Adalberto1no3Quick n easy
Abajo (paseala, adentro y afuera)Video2no5P'al medioThis is abajo from p'al medio, there are other uses of abajo!
P'al medio (al medio)Video2no5P'al medio
Exhibela (sacala)Video2no5Exhibela
Exhibela y dameVideo2yes5ExhibelaIgnore the vecina part, this gives you an idea of the dame out of an exhibela (sacala)
EnchuflaVideo2yes5Enchufla start
Enchufla dobleVideo2yes5Enchufla start
Dile que noVideo2no5DQN move, generally not called
Adiós con la hermanaVideo2no5Adios start
Adiós / la primaVideo2yes5Adios start
Dame directoVideo2yes5
Dame directo into dame dosVideo2yes5Two moves together, but it's called frequently in this combination.
Dame con una, dos, tresVideo2yes5clap on the 7
EvelynVideo2no4Enchufla start
Enchufla con mamboVideo2yes4Enchufla start
Pelota con claveVideo2yes4Enchufla start
Pelota con una, dos, tresVideo2yes4Enchufla startPelota con una and con tres change timing
Pelote locaVideo2yes4Enchufla start
Pelota "we will rock you"2yes4Enchufla start
Adiós con la hermana y toda la familiaVideo2yes4Adios type
Echevarria con dos vueltas2no3Quick n easy
Echevarria con tres vueltas2no3Quick n easy
Tarrito (tarro) pero no suelteVideo2no3P'al medio
Tarrito (tarro) mentirosa2no3P'al medio
Tarrito (tarro)Video2yes3P'al medio
Camina la rueda (caminala)Video2no3From guapeacontinues until another call
Adiós dobleVideo2yes3Adios type
Prima al centro2no3Adios start
Vamos arriba2no2P'al medioWhat you do when arriba is called depends on the context.
Enchufla y quedateVideo2no2Enchufla start
Pelota con quatroVideo2yes2Enchufla start
Serrucho2no1P'al medio
Principe bueno/malo2yes1Enchufla start
VacilalaVideo3no4Vacilala start
Vacilala y dameVideo3yes4Vacilala start
Sombrero con patada, con mamboVideo3no5Sombrero start
Sombrero (hat)Video3no5Sombrero start
Setenta (Miami)Video3no5Setenta startIn many places when sententa is called, it is what we call sententa cubano.
Setenta mentiraVideo3yes5Setenta startStart a setenta but then move on to the next partner
Echevarría con vueltaVideo3no5Quick n easy
PasealaVideo3no5Paseala start
Exhibela dos y unaVideo2no5Exhibela
KentuckyVideo3no5Enchufla start (kentucky-ish)
Dame con mambo (shown) (rumba, guanguanco, mambo progressive)Video3yes5
Dame dos (con una, con dos)Video3yes5
AbanicoVideo3no4Sombrero start
Siete dobleVideo3no4Siete start
Echevarria con saborVideo3yes4Quick n easy
Ponche*3no4Enchufla start
Adiós ariba3yes4Adios type
Vacílence los dos (check out the two)Video3no3Vacilala start
Vacilala doble3no3Vacilala start
Vacilence3no3Vacilala start
Pa ti pa miVideo3yes3Called sometimes after ManolinThis call has several different moves associated with it
Exhibela y caminala  (y dame)3no3Exhibela
Enchufla y al medio (o al centro)Video3no3Enchufla start
Se quedo / se fue3na3Context specificcalled after con las manos - se quedo
Siete (panque)Video3no2Siete start
Tarrito (tarro) cambio3no2P'al medioFollows take lead
Tarrito (tarro) mujeresVideo3yes2P'al medio
Enchufla mentiraVideo3no2Enchufla start
ManolinVideo3yes2Enchufla startExcept stay until next call
El medico3yes2Enchufla start
Confusion3yes2Enchufla startFollows take lead
La flor3no2Called from al centro / medio
El dosVideo3no1Enchufla start right to right
El unoVideo3no1Enchufla start right to right
Pelota festival3no1Enchufla start
Enchufla y casateVideo3no1Enchufla start
Enchufla con vueltaVideo3yes1Enchufla start
Mujeres al centroVideo3yes1Enchufla start
Ya tu sabesVideo3yes1Enchufla start
Coca-ColaVideo3no4Usually starts from dqn position
Coca-Cola y dame4yes5Starts from dqn position
Paseala y al revesVideo4no5Paseala start
Siete con Coca-ColaVideo4no4Siete start
Setenta complicadoVideo4no4Setenta start
Dame y no llegues4no4
Dame arriba4yes4
El caballo viejoVideo4no3Vcla start right to right
Siete modernoVideo4no3Siete start
Paseala arribaVideo4no3Paseala start
El chismeVideo4yes3Enchufla start (kentucky-ish)
Los hombres (from tranca)4no3Called after con las manos
Tranca4no3Called after con las manos
La paloma4no3
Dame con las manosVideo4yes3We don't stop the way they do in the video, keep going until something else is called.
Sombrero caminando4no2Sombrero start
Enchufla rodeoVideo4yes2Enchufla start
Izquierda / derecha - hombres o mujeres (from al medio/al centro)Video4yes2Called from al centro / medio
Adiós cubano4no2Adios type
El zorroVideo4no2
FlamencoVideo4no2Video is not quite right
El doceVideo4no1Enchufla start right to right
Setenta cubanoVideo5no4Setenta start
La montañaVideo5no5Sombrero start
El dedoVideo5no4Vcla start right to right
Pasea por el puenteVideo5yes4 (2 couple)Two couple
AbrazalaVideo5no4Sombrero start
BalseroVideo5no4Sombrero start
Beso (besito)Video5no4Sombrero start
Sombrero dobleVideo5no4Sombrero start
Ponle saborVideo5no4Enchufla start right to right
Kentucky complicadoVideo5no4Enchufla start (kentucky-ish)
Juana la cubanaVideo5no3Sombrero start
Sombrero con Coca-Cola5no3Sombrero start
Siete locoVideo5no3Siete start
Tumba francesaVideo5yes2Whole circle involved
La cadenita5yes2Whole circle involved
Setenta y unoVideo5no2Setenta start
CeroVideo5no2Called from al centro / medio
OchoVideo5no2Called from al centro / medio
Tocale La T5no1Vacilala left to right start
Setenta con la vacinaVideo5no1Setenta start
AmistadVideo5yes1Enchufla start
El sueterVideo5no1Setenta start
Thread the needle5no1
MatrimonioVideo5yes1Enchufla start
Coca-Cola por detrasVideo5no0Starts from dqn position
Abanico ComplicadoVideo50Sombrero start
Setenta y tresVideo6no4Setenta start
El puente al revés6yes3Two coupleTwo couple
Pasea por el puente complicado6yes3Two couple
Treinta y tres6yes2Called from al centro / medio
BayamoVideo6no2Vacilala right to right start
Beso unisexVideo6no1Sombrero startNot a great video
Juana la cubana complicada6no1Sombrero start
La montaña caliente6no1Sombrero start
Setenta por abajoVideo6no1Setenta start
El túnelVideo6no1Vacilala right to right start
ControlVideo6no1Vacilala right to right start
Coquito con melaoVideo6no1
Coquito unisex*6no1
La jenny6no1
Mickey Mouse6no1
Sombrero por debajoVideo6no0Sombrero start
Sombrero tripleVideo6no0Sombrero start
Siete setenta6no0Siete start
Ochenta y ocho6no0
Sueter doble*6no0
Juana la italianaVideo7no2Sombrero start
Siete loco complicadoVideo7no2Siete start
Adios largoVideo7no2Adios type
La cuadraVideo7no2Siete start
La rosaVideo7no1Sombrero start, like a balsero
BebeVideo7no1Long and boring, starts like balsero
La tormentaVideo7no1Vacilala start, both hands over
Davi unoVideo7no1Vacilala start, both hands over
La tormenta locaVideo8no1Vacilala start, both hands over