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Sunday March 13

Worked on Abrazala, Abrazala con Coca Cola before the break. The video of the Abrazala is fine, but hugging is done a lot firmer in Nate’s class! The Coca Cola is hard, coming out of the hey-bro grip at the end of the Abrazala (the dile-que-no is replaced with the Coca Cola). No videos of this Coca Cola, my description would be to lead the move with the hey-bro grip, really strong, so that at the end of the first 1-2-3 the lead is facing out of the circle. The further the lead can get the better, and that needs to follow to turn a lot. The hey-bro grip is relaxed so movement can happen, but at 5-6-7 it comes back. The dile-que-no out of this hey-bro is nicely done with a hand toss on 1-2-3 to relax the whole posture.

After the break we moved on to Control.

Art Underground

Sunday January 10

Forgot to mention in the earlier post, there is always a beginners group, if you’re new to Rueda then this a great learning and practice place, at least an hour of focus on beginners, and the second hour is for everybody, which means that the moves are adjusted to the audience. Challenging: yes, doable: also.

This Sunday the advanced group worked only on Suave as a move.