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Sunday March 13

Worked on Abrazala, Abrazala con Coca Cola before the break. The video of the Abrazala is fine, but hugging is done a lot firmer in Nate’s class! The Coca Cola is hard, coming out of the hey-bro grip at the end of the Abrazala (the dile-que-no is replaced with the Coca Cola). No videos of this Coca Cola, my description would be to lead the move with the hey-bro grip, really strong, so that at the end of the first 1-2-3 the lead is facing out of the circle. The further the lead can get the better, and that needs to follow to turn a lot. The hey-bro grip is relaxed so movement can happen, but at 5-6-7 it comes back. The dile-que-no out of this hey-bro is nicely done with a hand toss on 1-2-3 to relax the whole posture.

After the break we moved on to Control.

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